“I’m far from your average girl, living in a world a make believe.

My dreams and thoughts are easier to believe than the world that will deceive.” ~Calin Durus

Calin is a 80s kid that still hasn’t grown up and was first bitten by the creative bug when she was just ten years old. Having written a short story about the day in the life of Krissy and Sam (a semi auto biographical piece) for a school project that was later sent to her mother for memory keeping; Calin discovered that she had liked to tell stories to entertain others. Eventually finding her way to fanfiction where she joined forces with a fellow writer to create Alsper, writer of erotic fanfiction.

Now Calin can be found in Northern California with her husband and their fur-child, Peanut – or as she prefers, Princess Fluffy Butt. When not being a superhero for the elderly and disabled, Calin enjoys spending time with family, geeking out over the latest comic book to movie release, playing video games, and creating something beautiful. If she isn’t writing you can find her baking, crocheting or tinkering with graphic manipulations.

Calin loves new friends and would love to chat with you on Facebook and Twitter!

Avid animal lover
Avid music lover


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